(Last Updated: November 2014 | to be updated soon)
Wonderware user guide for setting up an application object server (AOS)
If there is one thing that Wonderware are not good at, it is supplying its customers with a guideline to setup a server for use with their software. Many times did the user assume a default server setup only to realize the software is not working correctly afterwards. This article is a guide to assist the user in setting up a complete AOS from scratch. The article is written with regards to Wonderware "Archestra System Platform 2012 with InTouch 2012" release 1 (prior to R2) and with regards to setup a Dell Server prior to the software installation.
What you will need prior to starting:
Install the Windows 2008 Server R2 Operating System on the Dell Server.
Configure Networking
Configure Windows Server 2008 for use with Wonderware System Platform
Optional Extra items to configure on Windows Server 2008
Install and configure antivirus
Install your favourite anti virus on the server. Make sure to configure and note the following points:
Install Microsoft SQL server 2008 32 bit with Service Pack 1
Install Archestra System Platform 2012 with Intouch 2012 release 1
Install device integration servers
Install Wonderware Licenses

The server is now ready for deployment.
Install other Software